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ecommerce wordpress, ecommerce, Multi-Vendor

ecommerce wordpress, Features are:

  • Multiple Filters
  • Filters by category
  • Manageable Navigation system
  • Enquiry pages
  • Shopping Cart
  • PayPal Payment Gateway
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Payment gateway of your choice*
  • Coupon Generation
  • Shipping By Weight
  • Location wise shipping
  • Multiple Currency
  • Single Language
  • Tax Management
  • Invoice Download & Print
  • Auto Order Notifications
  • SMS Integration (India only)
  • Product Rating
  • User account Management
  • Last purchase order details (download invoice)
  • Blog page
  • SEO optimized website (on page)
  • Auto email notification
  • Product order processing
  • Bulk product upload from excel sheet
  • Export product list into excel sheet
  • Export order into excel sheet
  • Product summary (Out of stock / Most Sold / Lowest sale) by date
  • Multiple user (chat with multiple customer) live chat option by
  • Customer profile management (from backend and frontend)
  • Cache management for fast browsing
  • Unlimited Products and categories
  • Discount Engine
  • Integrated Logistics
  • International Shipping
  • Coupons Analytics
  • Bulk product upload and download
  • Product compare Wish list
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Product review and rating
  • Admin / control panel
  • Wholesale price
  • Best deals
  • Customer’s login
  • Corporate Deal
  • Latest mobile responsive designs

Multi Vendor Marketplace Features :

  •     Multiple sellers can register and upload their products.
  •     Separate Seller Profile.
  •     Sellers can Manage Shipping from their Own Account panel.
  •     Product by Feature on the product page is Introduced.
  •     Sellers can edit their profile information.
  •     Seller’s products can be edited or deleted by the seller as well as admin.
  •     Sellers can add 4 types of products – Simple, Grouped, External/Affiliate Product and Variable.
  •     Sellers can connect their social network accounts to the marketplace which will be visible on their store page.
  •     Sellers can view all their orders with billing and shipping address of the customers.
  •     Sellers can change their password.
  •     Sellers can ask questions about the product to the admin.
  •     Admin can approve or disapprove sellers or seller’s products.
  •     Admin can assign a product to any seller.
  •     SEO friendly URL structure has been incorporated in the Marketplace.
  •     Users can directly register by logging in with their facebook account while reviewing a seller.
  •     Admin can set the default commission and minimum amount every seller has to pay to the admin.
  •     Admin can set the commission percentage for different sellers.

All Product Types Supported

Sellers can add 4 types of products – Simple, Grouped, External/Affiliate Product and Variable, which includes the Downloadable product also.

  •     Simple Product
  •     Grouped Product
  •     External/Affiliate Product
  •     Variable Product
  •     Downloadable Product

Seller Review & Rating

A customer can give Review & Ratings to the product of the seller. This feature makes believe in the seller. Customers purchase products from the sellers who gives good quality of product and shipping services. A seller gets more and more sale with the help of positive Review & Ratings.

It will help because 63% of customers are more likely to purchase a product from a site if it has product ratings and reviews. A good review means the customer is putting their name and reputation behind yours. Once they have recommended your products, they will be less likely to look for other options. They were delighted enough with your product to tell others about it, which is the best form of marketing.

Seller Name On Product Page

Seller name will be Visible on the Product page. Now a seller will be identified by their name. Once a seller earn the trust of the customers then, they will definitely go for the product. It have the ability to enhance merchant credibility, improve comparison shopping rankings, and raise conversion rates. It can increase customer engagement and monitor customer service efforts. Seller name can achieve all of this and more through the power of word of mouth marketing.

SEO Friendly URL Structure

All the URLs are SEO friendly. Using a Search Friendly URL is one of the many search engine optimization techniques. Many of the websites that are using incorrect or suboptimal URLs get a low indexing by the Google crawlers and thereby reduces the site ranking.

Google recommends that the URL structure of a website should be as simple as possible. Best practices tell us to organize content using a method that constructs URLs logically according to what humans would expect see. Furthermore, readable words should be included in URLs in favor of long numbers or product ID’s whenever possible.

Separate Seller Profile

Each seller will have his own Separate seller profile. Once you setup your Marketplace, you can go ahead and give people registering in the site the choice of registering as a vendor or seller. It provides a separate profile which is managed by the seller. A seller will get an own panel to control all the things. He can manage products, shipping, orders, and all other things from his/her panel only.

Manage Shipping

Now the sellers of the marketplace will be able to manage their shipping from their own account panel. Sellers can easily set up the new shipping zones and can add the shipping methods for these zones.

Shipping can be managed through various available add-ons –

  •     Per Product Shipping
  •     Table Rate Shipping
  •     Flat Rate Shipping

Product By Feature

Using the product by feature, buyers will be able to see the seller’s name on the product page. Also, the customer will be able to check the profile page of a seller by clicking on the name of the seller at the product page.

Ask Question To Admin

The seller can inquire from admin by asking a question to the admin. This feature allows sellers to make a query to the admin if they stuck somewhere. Admin can resolve queries of sellers by providing appropriate answers.


  •     Admin-seller communication is encouraged, which will reduce disputes and claims.
  •     Seller can easily ask questions to the admin.
  •     Admin will reply accordingly to the seller.
  •     If there is any dispute then, it can he handled effectively.

Seller connect Their Social Network Accounts

The Marketplace has the feature to directly connect the Facebook account of the user with or without registration at the time of giving reviews for a particular seller.

Benefits that are immediately visible –

  •     Simple. Easy. Fast = More sign-ups!
  •     Permission-based contact details like email ID can be pulled in from the social networks.
  •     Most people only have one social profile on each network, making the retrievable data more authentic.     Fake emails will no longer penetrate your sign-ups!

Order Management

The sellers can view all their orders with billing and shipping address of the customers. The seller can manage the orders by checking “Order History” section in the Marketplace panel. It will display all the orders of the sellers with the details and status of the order. The seller can manage all the functions related to the order from one page only.

Filters and options available on this page –

  •     Order
  •     Status
  •     Date
  •     Total
  •     View Order
  •     Search Option

Flexible Commission Management

The admin can set commission for the Sellers. Admin can set the commission in percentage globally for all the sellers. But is has a feature also to set different commission for different sellers. It is a very helpful feature, now admin can lower down some commission percentage for the sellers whose sale is very good.

  •     Global Commission Management for all vendors / sellers.
  •     Vendor based commission management.
  •     Category based commission management ( using addon ).
  •     Product based commission management ( using addon ).

Set Auto Approve For Sellers

Admin can set to Auto Approve Sellers. With this feature, a new seller who wants to join marketplace will be auto approved.

  •     No approval required.
  •     Save Time.
  •     Hassle free approval.

Set Auto To Allow Sellers To Publish Their Products

Admin can set auto to allow sellers to publish their products. Now there is no need to approve every product added by the seller. Products will be auto-published on the marketplace.

  •     No approval required for seller products.
  •     Product will be live at same time on marketplace.

Approve/Disapprove Seller or Seller’s Product

Admin will be able to approve or disapprove any seller or any seller’s product. If there is a seller who involved in fraudulent activities or his services are not up to the mark of the marketplace, admin can disapprove that seller. Even admin can disapprove a product if that is fake or not priced correctly.

  •     Admin can remove fake sellers.
  •     Admin can remove fake products.
  •     Admin can reduce fraudulent activities in marketplace.

Assign a Product To Any Seller

Admin can Assign any Product to any seller as per the need. This feature helps to set up a seller’s account quickly.

  •     Easy assignment of products.
  •     Setup a new seller account process become easy.

Seller/Vendor Dashboard Management –

Multi Vendor Marketplace Dashboard – is superb intuitive and easy to understand interface by the seller can view their report, income, growth ( with the help of graph ). Seller Dashboard will contain following features

  •     Total Orders, Total Sales, Total Products and Total Categories of the Seller.
  •     Today Order Count and Top Products.
  •     Last seven days sales amount with the help of graph.
  •     Sales Order Summary (weekly, monthly and for the current date).
  •     Most Recent order (s).
  •     Top Billing Countries.
  •     Top Customers.

Multiple Vendor Product(S) Checkout At Once –

Multi Vendor Marketplace provides various features and multiple vendor products checkout at once is one of them. Buyer/Customer can purchase the product from various sellers/vendor at once. While viewing the cart buyer will be able to update the product quantity as well.

Multi Vendor Marketplace – Store Owner/Admin Benefits –

  • Using Multi Vendor Marketplace and its add-on there are various benefits for the store owner. Almost every big e-commerce website having a marketplace within their store from Etsy to ASOS from eBay to Amazon to Best Buy. Multi Vendor Marketplace and its add-on provide store owners a complete and state of art online marketplace , here are few points by which store owner can benefit a lot:
  • Earning of store owner become easy. Now store owner can earn huge amount of commission as marketplace plugin provides very flexible commission system and even by using marketplace advance commission add-on admin can set any kind of commission scheme from global to per vendor commission and also based on per product category.
  • The price comparison is very impressive and almost a key factor to winning the marketplace. Marketplace Plugin with add-on price comparison provides the feature by which very same product can be added by multiple sellers using different price and quantity like amazon or best buy.
  • Huge Traffic and more sales conversion after converting your store into the marketplace. The reason is pretty simple once you (store owner) will provide space for other merchants to add the product to your store, it will increase no. of products, more social media share and more options for the buyer.

Multi Vendor Marketplace – Shop Seller/Vendor Benefits –

Putting your product in a marketplace is always a plus point for vendor/seller or small shop owners. So it is hugely beneficial for them to increase the sales conversion by adding their product into a branded marketplace. Using marketplace like ‘s Multi Vendor Marketplace will have all the details for his/her orders, shipping, and payments, also seller has all the access of their product so they can manage their products and inventory with an ease.
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